What is Safe Sanctuaries?

Safe Sanctuaries is the name of the program we use which sets policies and best practices to create a safe, welcoming, and supervised environment to disciple our children, youth, and vulnerable adults. We require all adults who will be in ministry with our children, youth, and vulnerable adults to complete this yearly training as well as a background check.

Safe Sanctuaries Training Video Series

The Kentucky Annual Conference has produced  a series of videos and quizzes for anyone in the Conference who needs Safe Sanctuaries training. We do a yearly training at the church, but you can complete your yearly training online.  There are six videos to watch, but only five will be reviewed on the accompanying quiz in order to complete the training.  Remember,  to complete your training for each of these segments, you will need to answer the accompanying test questions on the one quiz.  Once the questions have been correctly answered, you will be able to print out a certificate of completion.  Present this certificate to the church’s Safe Sanctuaries supervisor, Claudia Curran.

The link for the training videos can be found here.